Our childcare curriculum is progressive, aligned with Ministry of Education’s (MOE) Nurturing Early learner’s framework (NEL) and has integrated the key knowledge areas, the learning dispositions and ITeach principles in the learning area such as:

  • Language & Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Discovery of the world
  • Aesthetics & Creative Expression
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Social Development

Our Curriculum emphasizes on the holistic development and is child-centered. It stimulates children’s knowledge and creativity through inquisitive learning and logical thinking process, kindling their interests for lifelong learning.

Our Curriculum comprises of;

Weeks of Wonder

Inquiry based lessons encourage children to explore by asking different questions and discovering new ideas on topics of interest.


Community Involvement. 

Promote a strong culture of Volunteerism in our programme. Children are involved in various projects that encourage giving back to the society.



Inculcate entrepreneurial skills in young children, which allows them to start small enterprise in the school.


2nd Language 

Provision of either Mandarin, Malay or Tamil as 2nd Language.


Creative Thinkers 

Fostering creating thinking abilities of children through a variety of inventive activities and varying questioning techniques.


IT integration 

Inclusion of IT  and Robotics in the curriculum.