Infant Care Programme
2 months- 17 months

The safe and secure environment at Global Child Development Centre allows infants to explore in a familiar atmosphere.

Starting at 8 weeks, we’ll nurture your baby’s development and take care of his/her daily needs the same way you do. Our trained infant care teachers build a bond of trust with your baby and with you.

We engage your babies with a range of activities that are correlated with the milestones of their development.

Communication is an essential part of the programme. Quality interactions between the Infant care Teachers and the babies fosters Language Acquisition skills.

Our infant care environment promises your children to learn best and flourish.

Child Care Programme
18 months- 6 years old
Our goal is to frame an environment and programme consistent with the highest standards which allows each child the opportunity to develop at their own pace. Teachers are mindful to incorporate activities that enrich all areas of development. We believe that children are co-constructors of knowledge.

The daily schedule for each classroom includes large and small group activities, individual time with the teacher and a time for choice activities. The length of time designated for large group events varies according to the age level of the class and the overall personality of the group.  The day also includes quiet and down time allowing children space to be alone and process their own thoughts.

Classroom environment is intentionally designed to foster the best learning environment possible. A wide variety of materials and equipment are used to introduce multiple levels of complexity and difficulty and are routinely rotated.

Teachers are trained to be keen observers of the children in their classroom.  They also solicit input from the parents concerning the individual needs of the child.

Student Care
7 years old – 14 years old
Our Student Care programme caters to the needs of working parents with school going children from ages 7 to 14 years old.

Our service mainly includes caring for the needs of the children and coaching them in their studies.
Our warm environment encourages positive learning experiences and instills good moral values in students.

Our Team of qualified and experienced Teachers, are committed in bringing out the best in your child and nurture their holistic development.